Weight Loss

In today’s modern world, we are bombarded with conflicting messages on diet and nutrition.  With an exhaustive list of diet plans to choose from, (Atkins, Weight Watchers, 5:2 Diet, Slim Fast, Ketogenic, Paleo, South Beach, Mediterranean, Gluten free, Vegan), it can be a difficult and confusing task sifting through the information and deciding on what eating plan is right for you.  Many people are stuck in a kind of ‘weight loss trap’ where fad dieting followed by failure becomes the pattern.  This is not from lack of willpower, but lack of correct information on what their bodies need to function at their highest and prevent weight gain from happening in the first place.

Get Healthy To Lose Weight

Obesity is exponentially on the rise and time and again we are wrongly informed of it being a ‘disease’ when it’s actually the symptom of deeper, underlying diseases and imbalances within our bodies.  The question of how to achieve successful weight loss must not be approached by a simplistic equation of ‘calories in versus calories out’.  Human digestion is highly sophisticated business involving the various internal systems working in synergy.  Proper function of the brain, heart and endocrine system, efficiency of the digestive tract, the presence of hormonal triggers i.e. insulin and the rate of absorption and utilisation of nutrients are all deciding factors on whether we gain or lose excess weight.

Foods consumed in their natural state are instantly recognised by the body and the components (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) are broken down and utilised as ‘bioavailable’ fuel for the various functions needed to stay alive and healthy.  On the other hand, genetically modified food products, containing artificial chemicals, e.g. MSG, artificial sweeteners, are designed to appeal to our senses, tricking the body into accepting them as food, but once inside, the lack of bioavailable nutrients create confusion.  Chemical based medications also play a huge role in disrupting and confusing metabolic processes.  Some of these substances are rejected and excreted by the body, but many of the unnatural and toxic components wind up as stored ‘fat’ in our cells.  Factors such as stress, lack of quality exercise and sleep can flood the system with further toxins; creating yet more unwanted fat cells, in a soul-sucking vicious cycle.

Unique Plan Designed Around You

Dr Deen has been helping people of all ages and stages lose weight naturally for over 30 years.  He does not believe in the ‘one diet fits all’ adage.  We are individuals and our internal processes are as unique to us as our fingerprint.  A diet plan designed for one person may not suit the needs of another and vice versa.  A mindful, holistic approach to diet and lifestyle habits is the key towards achieving successful balance of mind and body.  The protocol combines diet, herbal treatments, acupuncture and lifestyle advice and draws upon experience from various holistic traditions, using methods designed to speed up the metabolic processes and burn old stored fat resulting in SAFE, EFFECTIVE AND LONG-TERM WEIGHT LOSS.

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