Full Body Detox

The human body is amazing at healing itself, but requires our help from time to time.  Factors such as external toxins, GMO foods, and chemical based medications can all lead to an imbalance in the harmony of our various internal systems.  Practicing good dietary and lifestyle habits as part of our daily routine is, of course, extremely sensible, yet despite this, our bodies can benefit greatly with the occasional “spring clean”.

A proper full body cleanse or ‘detox’ forms a core part of maintaining optimum health and faster healing, and when carried out under the correct guidance of an experienced health practitioner, it can have positively life changing results.

A detox may make you feel pretty lousy initially, as your body starts to let go of accumulated toxins.  Some people experience nausea, headaches and tiredness whilst others may not encounter any such reactions.  Do not fret.  Many of these effects or ‘detox reactions’ last only a few days and are a sign your body is successfully healing and repairing itself.

Our detoxification protocol involves the use of oral herbal liquid complexes, combined with skin brushing and specially formulated bath salts.  All these work towards ridding the organs of toxins via the kidneys, bowels and skin.  A diet and nutrition plan is also recommended.

After a good full body detox, you will find yourself feeling happier, able to think clearer, experience increased vitality and discover bundles of energy you never knew you had!

The only way to find out is to try it!

Please contact Dr Deen to discuss this further.

Consultation cost: £65.00