Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner

Are you wrestling with a difficult past or behaviours that are preventing you from living your life to its fullest potential? Perhaps you are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and stress?  Do you find yourself overwhelmed by small tasks? Maybe you are dealing with unresolved grief, anger or trauma due to illness, relationship difficulties or life experiences that are keeping you “stuck in a rut.”

At Red Leaf, we have an Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner who works in conjunction with our practice.  She works in a collaborative way with patients to uncover the root cause of many of their health issues, gently helping them understand what has brought imbalance and “dis-ease” into their lives and to explore with them reasons why they may feel they cannot change unwanted habits or behaviours.  She is a highly skilled, compassionate, patient and intuitive practitioner who has helped many of our clients recover their health and wellbeing. Using humour, kindness and a “safe space” to be yourself, our EW Practitioner has successfully helped many people find their way back to a greater sense of wellbeing and inner peace.

Words from our Wellbeing Practitioner:

“My passion lies in trying to understand how people’s “biographies” go on to become their “biologies.”  We all have patterns in our lives that either hurt or heal us.  Together we can work at removing the patterns that adversely affect health and peace of mind and aim to reinforce the ones that will empower and restore balance back into your system.”